Add a New Menu

If you are trying to add new information to your site, you can do this by creating content for the 'More' Tab that sits next to your 'Shop' or 'Calendar' tab. The 'More' tab will not populate until you have created & added Menus with pages. Here are some instructions on how to create a general Menu under your More tab! 



Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Click on the green “View Site” button that sits on the left hand side of your dashboard, once you are on the site, to get to the backend you can click on the W logo on the far left hand side or you can click on the 'Howdy (yourname)' on the far right hand side of the black bar at the top of the screen! 


Step 3: Scroll down and hover over 'Appearances' then click on 'Menus'

Step 4: Click on “create a new menu”



Step 6: Enter a menu name then click, 'Create Menu'


Now to get this Menu to appear under your more tab, you need to add a page to it!

There are three different kinds of Pages you can add,

- A Page that was created and published on your site already: Tutorial!

- A page that links to an external site: Tutorial!

- A page that links to a document: Tutorial!

To add a page that you have already created select it from the list in the 'Pages' widget on the left hand side underneath where it reads 'Most Recent'. 




Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Click on “view site”


Step 3: Choose “Appearance”

Step 4: Click on “Menus”

Step 5: Click on “create a new menu”


Step 6: Enter a menu name

Step 7: Click “Create Menu”


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    Mark Scannell

    These instructions don't work. There is no "appearance" option on the left navigation bar.

  • Avatar

    Hey Mark! Are you trying to do this on your current Sportshub 1 platform? This tutorial is for the new, mobile-friendly Sportshub 2 platform that has more features available like controlling your menus!

  • Avatar

    I can not post picture on this ! there is not button on how to get them or post them! all I get is a message to leave text

  • Avatar
    Cathy Donley

    What if there is no "GO TO SPORTS HUB" on the top menu? Also, there are no pages to add, only posts and photo galleries. I'm missing more options on the lefthand menu. Is this an access issue?

  • Avatar
    Jackson VanHaitsma

    Hey Cathy! The "Go to SportsHub" option would only appear on, as one of the many 'apps' available. If you're logging in straight from the site, you can simply click on the "Login" button in the top right.

    As for certain menu options missing, this is indeed due to your user rights. If you'd like, I can get you the ability to make pages and manage menus as well. Just let me know!

  • Avatar
    Cathy Donley

    Hi Jackson,
    Yes, could you please add me as a "coach" (I understand that I need to have that designation, rather than the one I currently have).
    Thank you so much!