Creating A Photo Gallery

The process of creating a gallery, uploading photos and selecting which sport section the gallery will appear.

*Users with the role of Author or Photographer will not be able to publish but only submit for publishing to Editors.  

*Editors and Photo Editors can create galleries and publish them live immediately.

*We recommend that you use either Firefox or Google Chrome to upload photos and create galleries.  Internet Explorer isn’t currently supported to create galleries.  If you would like to download either browser, please click here forFirefox or here for Chrome.


VNN Playbook - Creating a Photo Gallery

Step 1:  Hover over the +New tab and select New Gallery

Step 2: Enter in your title

Step 3: In the middle of the page choose Select Files


Step 4: Choose the Upload Image tab and then choose Select Files


Step 5: Choose the photos from your computer and select open. To choose multiple images at a time hold the command (MAC)/ctrl(PC) button on your keyboard and select the images you want.

Step 6: After the images load click Insert into Page

Step 7: Your photos will now appear in the inserted media section. You can add in a caption in the description box of each photo if you would like.

Step 8: Go to the categories section on the right hand side of the page and choose the sport(s) that are in this gallery. This allows the gallery to appear on the appropriate sport pages. 

Step 9: Scroll to the top of the page and click Publish





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