Inserting A Featured Image

The process of selecting an image that will appear at the top of an article or page.  In addition, this image will be the image thumbnail that shows up on the front page(s) of the website to the left of the article excerpt.

Photos that go into the Showcase or Slider are of the Front Page of the website and Front Page of the sport sections have to be at least 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall.  Anything bigger than that will be scaled down, while anything smaller will not result in undesired stretch of the source image. 

VNN Playbook - Inserting a Featured Image

Step 1: Open the article that you would like to add a featured image to.
To learn how to create a new article please see that video here

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the article and select Set featured image

Step 3: Choose to upload your image from the computer or select one that is already in the media library.

    3a. To upload from your computer choose the tab that says upload files and click  
          on the button that says select files

    3b. To upload from your media library choose the tab that says media library

Step 4: Select the photo you would like to use and click Set featured image


You will now see your selected photo in the featured image section of the article


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