Creating a New Event Post


VNN Playbook - Create a New Event Post

If you need to add scores for a game that is not appearing on the teams pressbox page, create a new event!

Step 1: Scroll to the bottom of your team page and click Add New Event

Step 2: Enter in a past date and click continue.


IMPORTANT NOTE: On the following screen it will match the new event with one that already exists on your schedule, do not use this, instead bypass this page by clicking "Nope, not my event. LETS ADD A NEW EVENT"

Step 3: Enter in the start time of the event and the opponent. Choose whether the game was home or away and click Save & Recap.

Step 4: Enter in the Final Score. 

Step 5: Box Scores are optional

Step 6: Enter in a game recap

Step 7: Click Save Edits.


Step 8: Click Post & Share

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