AD View

Log into Pressbox as an Athletic Director (AD) and you’ll get a chance to check out the AD view. With this view, you’ll be able to understand what’s happening today, plan for what’s happening tomorrow, and monitor your entire program from a home page that’s all your own.

The home page dashboard shows all the events happening for your school this week.


Weekly View: Your admin page will show all sporting events that are happening each week.

You can toggle between weeks using the < > arrows

Single Team View: To view the schedule and game reports for a specific team you can select a team in the "All teams" dropdown. 

Past Posts: You can view all of your submitted posts in the "past posts" section found on the left hand toolbar. 

Contacts: You can view/edit or add new school and team contacts in the contacts section which can also be found in the left hand toolbar.

Settings: Allows you to edit your profile and change your password

Home: Will take you back to the home page of Pressbox

Switcher: Gives you access to other products in our suite like VNN Alerts and Teammate.

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