Forms: Pricing Fields


VNN Playbook - Forms: Pricing Fields

You will need to have Paypal setup in order to use the pricing fields.

Product: Entering a product allows the end user to choose a quantity for the product they are purchasing. i.e If you are setting up camp registration your user can sign up all three of their students at once for camp. You can change the name of the product in the field label box and the cost in the price field. 


Option: The option field allows your end user to choose between a number of different products. For example, a t-shirt, sweater, or hat. The products need to be created for the t-shirt, sweater and hat and then the option is created for different sizes.

Total: The total field will add up all of the prices from the products chosen by the end use and provide them the total. Upon submitting the form the end user will be redirected to Paypal to make a payment.


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