Building a Form 101


VNN Playbook - Building a Form

If you have the Online Digital Form package, you can begin building your own forms or VNN will create your forms for you! If you would like us to build the forms for you, email to get started!

Generally, forms are built based off of PDF documents that your school already uses. We take the information that is written on the PDF and turn it into a Digital form. Here are the steps to take to build a simple non-payment form. 

Step 1: Login to your VNN site. Click on either the W in the left hand corner or the Howdy, username at the top right hand side of the website to go to your sportshub dashboard. 


Step 2: In the menu bar on the left hand side hover over Forms and select New Form


Step 3: A box will pop up asking you to name the form. Enter the name of the form in the field Form Title. You could also add a description of the form if you would like.


Step 4: Now you can add Fields to your form!

Fields are going to be the Q&A that you need your form to contain. You have the option to choose from 'Standard Fields', 'Identification Fields', 'Post Fields' or 'Pricing Fields'.

To learn about what you can do with each of these categories, refer back to our Fields page. 

Click on a field on the right hand side of the page that you want on your form. This will place that field on your form.


Step 5: You can edit the field itself by hovering over it and clicking on the blue bar at the top of the Field, this will expand your options. 

Below I changed the field label from 'name' to 'student name' if you require this information to process your form, make sure you check the box labeled 'Required', that way the user will not be able to submit the form without completing this field. You also have the ability to customize how the field is displaying on the form (i.e. in this example, the ability to add a prefix or middle name field).


Step 6: There are many customization features for each field, one that is important to note is the ability to enable Conditional Logic. This feature allows you to edit a Field to only appear if a user has filled out another field in a certain way. 


How Conditional Logic works on Forms:

Imagine you are creating a Summer Camp form, and anyone who signs up for summer camp is offered a free t-shirt.

So you would then add a Field labeled T-shirt Options that says something similar to 'Check the box labeled 'yes' if you would like to receive a camp t-shirt'

Then you would create another Field labeled T-shirt Size, with the different size options.

On the T-shirt size field, you would then check the box next to enable conditional logic. It will then ask you to decide how you would like the logic to work. In this scenario, we would like the T-shirt size field to ONLY appear if the user answers 'Yes' to the T-Shirt Options field. 

This means that if the user checks the box labeled no, the sizing field will not appear for them, but if they answer yes, then it will appear on the form! 


Step 7: Continue adding the necessary fields to your form. Once your form is completed click the Update Form button. 


Now that you have completed your form, your next step is to add it to a page or a post! 

Click here to learn how!




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