Weekly Preview Auto-Post

Our weekly preview auto-post feature takes all the information you have stored in team schedules for the week, formats it into a day-by-day calendar format, and posts directly to your site, every week on Monday morning.

If you'd rather the post does not post automatically, you can also generate your own weekly preview and post whenever you want. 

Here's how to make it happen:

1. Log into your website


2. Click the "Edit Site" button


3. Navigate to the Articles Menu on the Sidebar, and click "View All Articles"


4. Click the check-box next to "Auto-Post Weekly Preview," and your weekly preview will be posted each week automatically.


5. If you'd rather not automate the post - click the button titled "Add Weekly Preview" to generate the post (it may take some time to generate). Once the post appears on your screen, click "Publish" to publish the post. If you did automate the post - skip this step!


6. Done!

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