Quick Add a Game to your Schedule


The process of adding games into a schedule for a school offered sport inside of the VNN Schedule & Roster Manager.

VNN Playbook - Quick Add a Game to your Schedule

Step 1: Go to your dashboard at getvnn.com and login

Step 2: Click on VNN Scheduler. 
If you have another scheduling source, i.e Roeing, rSchool Today, Rank One, etc please contact your AD to update your schedule. 

 Step 3:Select the season and the team you want to add a schedule for and click "+ event"

Step 4: Choose if the game is Home or Away 

Step 5: Choose your Date and Time. First choose the date, then select the hour. From there you can choose an increment of the hour. 

Step 6: Choose your location from the drop down menu or add a new location

Step 7: Type in your opponent in the opponent field. This will show all schools in your state. If you are playing out of state follow step 6a. 

Step 7a: Choose "No" to "is opponent in state?". Select the state in which you will be playing and then type your opponent in the opponent field. 

Step 8: Click Save & Add Another if you would like to create another game or just Save & Close if you are finished. 

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