How to Kickoff Your Program's Shop with Your Athletes

Getting your athletes to promote your Flipgive shop can increase your shop's potential earnings by 10x.  The easiest way to do this is to use Flipgive's text feature and get all your athletes together after practice to text their 10-15 closest family and friends.  



Follow these three easy steps and your shop will be earning your program money in no time:

1. Activate your program's shop

Before you do anything, be sure to activate your shop page by clicking the "Lead Your Team" button on the bottom right side of your shop page.  For complete instructions on this step, see our tutorial on How to Lead Your Program's Shopraiser.


2. Set a team photo and describe what you're fundraising for

Before we have your athletes promote your Shopraiser to all their family and friends, you'll want to set a nice team photo and describe what your program will be using the funds for.  Check out our tutorials on how to set a team picture and a description.


3. Download and print off the Athlete's Guide from your "Guide" tab

From your shop's home page, select the "Guide" tab and click the "Helpful Downloads" option.step1.gif


Select the "Athlete's Guide" and print off a copy for every athlete.



Treat this handout as every athlete's ticket out of conditioning for the week.  If they come back to practice with all the contacts filled out = no more laps (or whatever your favorite conditioning is).


Pro tip: download the Flipgive app beforehand and follow the guide on how to send out a text invite so you're prepared to show your athletes how it's done.


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