How to Publish a Form on your site!

To publish a form on your site you just need to create it and then embed it in a post or a page and then publish said post/page.

To Embed a form on a Post or a Page:

Step 1: Pull up the post or page you are trying to add the form to.

Step 2: Above the content box, you should see a button that says 'Add Form'

Step 3: Find your form in the Drop down list that sits under 'Select a form below to add it to your post or page.' 

Step 4: Click the blue 'Inset Form' button.


Your form is now embedded in your page/post and all you have to do is publish the content.

As always, posts that are published will go out immediately to your site and be visible under 'latest news'. If you are adding this form to a Page, make sure your page is assigned to a Menu so that your parents/students are able to find it! If you need help assigning your page to a menu, feel free to refer to This Tutorial!

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