It's Fall, why aren't my winter and spring schedules showing on my site yet?

Hi there! 

If you currently in your Fall season and you aren't seeing your updated winter and spring schedules on your site, that just means it is too early for the sync to happen automatically!

Winter and Spring schedules automatically sync over to your site at the beginning of the previous season, but if you would like to see them sooner you just have to do what is called a 'Force Sync'.

How to do a Force sync:

1. Login to your account at

2. Find the widget on your dashboard labeled 'Schedules' and click on it

3. From here, go to the seasonal tab that you are trying to sync schedules for! In this case, we would click on the 'Winter' tab.

4. Now select one of your winter teams! 

5. You will now see that teams page, at the top of the page under the team title you will probably see a note that says 'last synced 4 months ago' or something similar. That means it has not auto-synced to your site yet! So to force sync the schedule over, look at the upper right hand side of the page and you will see a blue 'sync schedule' button. Go ahead and click that. 

Wait a minute or so and then refresh your page and you should see your updated schedule! This schedule will also update on the live end of your athletic site. 

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