Adding and Limiting Color Swatches on your BoxOut Graphics

To add your schools’ colors click the SETTINGS tab on the left hand side of your page. From here you will see a COLOR SWATCH area. 

On the far right there is a blank color box where you can either type in the hex value of your school color or choose from a color picker. Click ADD COLOR to add it to your list of swatches. 

To share a color you added to every team in your organization, click the checkbox under the SHARE WITH EVERY TEAM? column.

If you want to limit the colors your staff members can choose from, click the checkbox at the bottom labeled Limit color selections to only these colors?. Doing so limits users to only selecting from the colors you add to this section. Not checking this box will allow you to choose from your pre-selected colors or from the color-picker.

To limit every team in your organization to selecting from only the added colors, click the checkbox labeled Limit every team?.

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